How much cooler will the Feher helmet be than my regular helmet? 

The Feher ACH-1 helmet is not designed to give you an "ice cream headache” or create a cooled environment around your face like when riding in a "cage" (i.e. car). It is designed to reduce the interior temperature around the top of your head during hot rides compared to using a traditional helmet. That temperature variance will be more significant in higher temperatures and can be up to 12-18 degrees cooler. Keeping your head cooler will make your body feel less impacted by the heat and make for a more comfortable ride in hot conditions than riding with your regular helmet. 

How does the air conditioning system work?

The Feher ACH-1 utilizes a patented and field-proven technology. The cooling unit intakes ambient hot air and applies thermoelectric technology to cool the air. Then, in combination with Feher’s patented Tubular Spacer Fabric and the ACH-1 fan system, filtered cooled air is evenly distributed around the top of your head

What powers the Feher air conditioning unit? 

The Feher helmet is powered by your motorcycle battery. It comes with the necessary harness to connect to the battery and a quick disconnect cord with a switch to turn the AC unit on (Setting "II"), Off (Setting "0") or in Fan mode (Setting "I"). 

Can I use my battery charger cable to power the ACH-1 helmet?  

If you have installed a battery charger quick connect cable, it is likely an SAE plug. That is a 12-volt plug and you can get an adapter to connect to the ACH-1 power cable but the polarity is not always correct for the ACH-1 helmet. Therefore, we do not advise using this option and recommend using the included battery harness for the ACH-1, instead. 

Can I use my 12-volt "cigarette lighter" plug to power the ACH-1 helmet? 

If you choose to use this or any other 12-volt power supply option by purchasing the requisite adapter, you should ensure that the helmet is getting proper power by checking that the Fan (setting I), AC (setting II) and off (setting 0) are working correctly. We recommend using the included battery harness to ensure consistent and proper functionality.  

Is there a battery pack that can be used instead of hard-wiring the harness to the motorcycle battery?

There are several 12v battery pack options that can be purchased separately that will work with the ACH-1 connectors such as this option from Talentcell. Please read the specifications carefully and be sure to use a battery pack that does not exceed 13v and works with the ACH-1 connectors. The length of time these batteries will power the helmet in AC mode will vary, but you can expect the following approximate times:

  • 3000mAh battery should power the helmet for around 2 hours
  • 6000mAh battery should power it for 4 hours
  • 12000mAh should work for 6 hours.

Does the helmet have traditional vent holes? 

No, the ACH-1 does not include any external venting holes. In order to maintain the necessary air flow pressure to ensure proper circulation of the cooled air, it was necessary to eliminate external vents used on traditional helmets. However, the Fan Mode will provide effective, un-cooled air circulation for use when the weather is not hot or when basic air flow is desired instead of cooled air. It is recommended that the helmet is always used in Fan or AC mode to maintain a comfortable environment. 

How much does the helmet weigh? 

The complete Feher ACH-1 helmet weighs 1450 grams +/- 30 grams. This is in the range of many high-end helmets. 

What is the shell made of? 

The Feher ACH-1 helmet constructed with a synthetic fiber-reinforced multi-layered fiberglass shell. 

What safety standards does the Feher ACH-1 helmet pass? 

The Feher ACH-1 meets or exceeds US DOT FMVSS218.

How about the face shield? 

The ACH-1 includes an injection molded, quick-release face shield that also includes anti-fog coating. Available in Light Smoke and Dark Smoke (see Accessories section). 

What patents are held for the Feher helmet?

The Feher helmet uses technology covered by two issued US patents, US 6954944 and US 7827620, and one EU patent, EP 1 662 924 B1. Additional patents are pending. 

How much does it cost? 

The Feher ACH-1 helmet cost $599.99. 

Where can I buy one? 

You can buy the ACH-1 helmet directly from Feher Helmets on this website. Click here.