The ACH-1 Helmet comes with the battery harness used to power the air conditioning system. Follow the instructions below to install the battery harness and use your ACH-1 helmet. 

Battery Harness

• Installing the battery harness is relatively easy. Locate the battery on your motorcycle (usually under the seat on most bikes) and connect the red wire FIRST to the positive terminal and the black to the negative terminal. If you are not comfortable doing it yourself, installation should be done by a certified technician. Position the connector end to an area that is conveniently accessible so that you can easily connect your helmet when riding. 

Coiled Cable with Switch

Optional Standard Connector Cable


• When you are ready to ride, attach the coiled connector cable with the switch to the cable at the rear of the helmet. Then connect the cable to the installed battery harness. If you need additional length, you can purchase the optional Standard Connector Cable

• Using the switch on the coiled connector cable, you have the option to turn the A/C unit on (setting II) or just the fan (setting I). Setting "0" turns the ACH-1 unit off. 

Power and Operation FAQ's: 

Can I use my battery charger cable to power the ACH-1 helmet?  

If you have installed a battery charger quick connect cable, it is likely an SAE plug like the one below. That is a 12-volt plug and you could get an adaptor to connect to the ACH-1 power cable but the polarity is not always correct for the ACH-1 helmet. Therefore, we do not advise using this option and recommend using the included battery harness for the ACH-1 instead. 

Can I use my 12-volt "cigarette lighter" plug to power the ACH-1 helmet? 

If you choose to use this or any other 12-volt power supply option by purchasing the requisite adapter, you should ensure that the helmet is getting proper power by checking that the Fan (setting I), AC (setting II) and off (setting 0) are working correctly. We recommend using the included battery harness to ensure consistent and proper functionality.

Is there a battery pack that can be used instead of hard-wiring the harness to the motorcycle battery?

There are several 12v battery pack options that can be purchased separately that will work with the ACH-1 connectors such as this option from Talentcell. Please read the specifications carefully and be sure to use a battery pack that does not exceed 13v and works with the ACH-1 connectors. The length of time these batteries will power the helmet in AC mode will vary, but you can expect the following approximate times: 

  • 3000mAh battery should power the helmet for around 2 hours
  • 6000mAh battery should power it for 4 hours
  • 12000mAh should work for 6 hours.