How does the air conditioning system work?

The Feher ACH-1 utilizes a patented and field-proven technology that is used to cool the seats in vehicles built by Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Ferrari, Infiniti, Lexus, and GM, just to name a few. It applies thermoelectric technology in combination with Feher’s patented Tubular Spacer Fabric to evenly distribute filtered, cooled air freely throughout the interior of the helmet.

How much cooler will the Feher helmet be than my regular helmet? 

The Feher ACH-1 helmet is not designed to give you an "ice cream headache” or create a cooled environment around your face like when riding in a "cage" (i.e. car). It is designed to reduce the interior temperature around your skull during hot rides compared to using a traditional helmet. That temperature variance will be more significant in higher temperatures and can be up to 12-18 degrees cooler. Keeping your head cooler will make your body feel less impacted by the heat and make for a more comfortable ride in hot conditions than riding with your regular helmet. 

What patents are held for the Feher helmet?

The Feher helmet uses technology covered by two issued US patents, US 6954944 and US 7827620, and one EU patent, EP 1 662 924 B1. Additional patents are pending. 

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