In the 1960’s, a young inventor and engineer, Steve Feher, began to study different ways to keep cool as living in Hawaii exposed him to hot and humid weather on a regular basis. His first patent drawings for cooling products were submitted in 1961 when he was just 11 years old. Feher continued along this path and patented the AC blanket in 1986. That product would revolutionize how hospitals cooled patients everywhere and his cooling blanket became standard equipment in operating rooms all over the world.

From there, Feher quickly began working to create a cooler automobile experience. While cars already had air conditioning, premium leather seats often became hot and uncomfortable on warm summer days. Feher designed and developed new patents for an efficient thermoelectric cooling device for car seats. This technology has since been applied to automobile productions across the world and is currently utilized in vehicles built by Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Ferrari, Infiniti, Lexus, and GM, among many others.

An avid motorcycle rider having enjoyed riding the roads in Hawaii during those hot and humid days of his youth, Feher began to focus on motorcycle helmets. As all motorcyclists know, being uncomfortably hot and sweaty can be an unavoidable part of riding in warm weather. Feher however, saw the advantage of cooling the heads of riders so that every ride could be more enjoyable. So, he began adapting his innovative cooling technology to motorcycle helmets. After years of research and development, Feher teamed up with a leading motorcycle helmet developer and manufacturer to build the all-new ACH-1. Designed to focus on cooling critical areas of the head, specifically the area from the rear of the head to the forehead, the ACH-1 reduces the negative impact of excessive heat and results in a more comfortable riding experience. 

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